Free loyalty


Free loyalty, do you deserve it? Do you want it to create your own personalised loyalty points scheme? Do you want to create offers, vouchers, coupons and stamps which are all in one place and controlled by you? Do you want to control these offers so that you reduce SPAM and irrelevant offers?

Using Schneidathon couldn’t be easier. Connecting with local shops and loyal customers couldn’t be easier. Download couldn’t be easier. All you need is a smartphone, mobile device or tablet. Click on the links below to begin using Schneidathon and connecting your world.

Available on the App store Free Loyalty on Apple IOS: LAUNCHING SUMMER 2013
Android APP on Google Play Free Loyalty on Android OS: LAUNCHING SUMMER 2013
Blackberry APP on Blackberry World Free Loyalty on Blackberry OS: LAUNCHING SUMMER 2013
Windows APP on Microsoft Free Loyalty on Windows OS: LAUNCHING SUMMER 2013

Schneidathon are committed to giving free loyalty to every mobile device globally. We are constantly developing and improving usability and accessability. If we are not compatible for your mobile device, please keep checking regularly to see when it will be made available for you.