Mundesley golf club is about ½ a mile from our chalets and is open to non members.


 Our golf course has 2 exceptional green keepers who keep the course in very good condition.

The course is dog friendly so if you have a dog that does not want to chase after the ball, it can walk round the course with you.

This golf course is not a long course but quite challenging with several hills, gorse bushes, a pit to drive over on the 1st and several strategically placed bunkers.

All of our 9 holes are different, this is not a course where you go up and down beside the last hole. All the holes have separate tee positions for the second nine, and some are considerably different.

This is a description of our golf course hole by hole

Approch to the 1st green

1st 162 yds and 10th179yds par 3, Ladies 10th 112 yds.

A tricky first hole with a drive over a pit and the green slopes off to the right.

A choice of 4 bunkers to go into! You need your drive to land beside the first bunker on the left to roll onto the green beside the flag!

The 2nd and 11th 359 yds par 4 with out of bounds on the right and 2 bunkers beside it, with 2 more approaching the green, and 2 beside the green.

pit beside the 4th green


3rd 391yds par 4, a dog-leg left and the fairway in front of the green slopes to -the right and 12th 372yds without the dog-leg.

4th and 13th 212yd par 3 with the green blind from the tee (you can see a direction post at the back of the green, beware there is a pit on the left of the green so if you are left of that post you will finish up in the pit and an awkward chip onto the green. The green is two tier so the putt is harder when the flag is at the back.


5th green

5th 484yds and 14th 480yds par 5 (the 14th is a slight dog-leg)

The drive is over gorse, the second shot is uphill over a road and missing the 2 bunkers 100yds before the green, also 2 greenside bunkers.

6th Green

6th and 15th 260 yds par 4 this is the easiest hole on the course as long as your drive clears the 2 bunkers about 140yds in front of the tee it is then downhill all the way to the green. It can be easily driven if the wind is not against you.


Approch to 7th Green


7th 100yds par 3 with the green above you and protected by 3 bunkers, 2 of which when you stand in the bunker the green is still above your head! 16th 156yds par 3 and you drive over the 6th green.



8th green



8th and 15th 369yds dog-leg right, your drive needs to land in the valley at the dog-leg ( if it is in the perfect place you have a level lie for your second shot) but the ball could be below or above your feet you also have out of bounds on the right and gorse on the left. Some people take the corner on to land on the fairway further down (a few people even drive the green).

9th and 18th 270yds uphill to the green also two tier (if the 4th is on the lower tier the 9th is usually on the top tier).


Then it into the 19th hole. We have a very friendly clubhouse where food and drink are all reasonably priced.

2 buggies are also available to hire.


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